To Bring Women Into The 21st Century By Increasing Their Potential To Grow And Thrive In a Changing World


To Create a Peaceful, Stable And Prosperous Nation Free Our Country From Poverty, We Are Determined To Elevate The Status Of Women By Involving Them Fully In Entrepreneurial Activities.


  • To gather women entrepreneurs on a single platform.
  • To encourage women entrepreneur to enroll as members of women chambers.
  • Hand holding and counseling of new members.
  • To provide a forum for local and international women entrepreneurs where they can discuss and resolve important issues related to their businesses.
  • To create a network linking women entrepreneurs of Pakistan and abroad.
  • To arrange fairs and exhibitions to sell and promote the products of members.
  • To arrange various trainings, programs, seminars, workshop for their awareness of products according to market demands and trends.
  • To solve the problems and different issues of women entrepreneurs.
  • To arrange meetings with foreign delegates.
  • To assist women entrepreneurs in promoting business abroad, for that we provide visa recommendation letter.
  • To develop linkages between different organizations aiming similar goals.
  • To work as a bridge linking women entrepreneurs and government.