Khadija Award

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Categories of Khadija Awards

1.      Business Women Award

This category is open to women in business who demonstrate being a proven leader in her organization and brand category. Nominees will demonstrate outstanding leadership, and track record of building sales and profitability while energizing and inspiring the people who report to her.

2.      Innovation Award

This award category is for the women in business who has showed outstanding innovative idea, product or service in her business.

3.       Technology Award

This award recognizes new technology, design, or research in a chosen field or organization.

4.      Start-Up of the Year

This award category recognizes a female entrepreneurial business owner who has been in business for the last year and has shown outstanding leadership. The business has to demonstrate high levels of innovation, service, and potential and offers opportunity to all.

5.      Aspiring Young Business Women’s Award (open to 18-35 year olds)

Candidates will demonstrate significant achievements to date and be making a distinctive contribution in their field of Business. It’s open to nominees between the age of 18-35, aspiring young women who possess significant leadership potential and outstanding qualities or performance. Entrants will demonstrate their capacity to shape the future of the country with their immense energy, dedication and flair.

6.      Arts and Culture

 Award presented in celebration of excellence in achievement or significant contribution to the development, promotion and profiling of arts, entertainment and culture.

7.      Role Model of the Year

This award is open to any woman at any level of their organization. The winner will be someone who has inspired, enabled or supported other women inside or outside their business in a significant way. 

Their influence will have a notable impact on those women and possibly their business. The judges will be looking for evidence of where, what, when and how they have achieved this in the past 12 months.

8.      Champion of Change

This award recognizes women who have demonstrated their ability and commitment to raising the value of diversity and inclusiveness in their work environment. The successful candidate will be able to show how their ability to influence or bring about cultural change in the workplace has given rise to more support for gender diversity and equality. Entrants can be at any level in the business. 

9.      Rising Star

This award is designed to recognize emerging talent. This award is open to women who have not only already made a mark in business, but are also ‘women to watch’ in terms of future contribution. The winning entrant might be a future leader, or already head of a team; she could be just starting out in business, forming her own company, or quickly rising through the ranks.

10.  Best Makeup Artist Award

This award is designed to recognize the efforts of beauticians who are providing satisfactory services to the women and young girls. Starting up a saloon and running it is not an easy journey. Here we would like to appreciate those women who have set up saloon to provide the best services to the clients as well as job opportunity to the young girls.  

11.  Life Time Achievement Award

This award is to recognize and appreciate the efforts of brainy women who believe to achieve certain aims in her life. These out of box thinkers who work hard and making their dreams into reality, they convert the impossibilities into  possibilities, investing their time and hard work to achieve the goal, not only themselves but they also make it happen for many more women.

12.  Innovative Textile & Apparel Award

Women who run Textile businesses or have invested their time and energy in establishing brands, Preference will also be given to those who have evolved over the years by adding innovation in their clothing line.

13.  Foodpreneur of the Year

If you know any women involved in food ventures, those who put their heart in making yummylicious eateries this is an opportunity to accolades their efforts.

14.  Social Women Entrepreneur

This category is for the women entrepreneur who with her business has made social impacts in the community and providing solutions regarding physical and material well-being of the people in need.

15.  Gems and Jewelry Award

This award category is for the women entrepreneur who is dealing into gems and jewelry business. Their innovative approach to designs and patterns of jewelry will be preferred more.

16.  Travel and Tour Award

Any women entrepreneur who is into travel and tour business can nominate herself for this award category.

         Khadija’s Award 2020

Gender equality is a smart business proposition; studies have shown that improving the standing of women is critical to sustainable development and economic boost. The evolution from sitting in the four walls of a house to being part of almost every field of life in Pakistan is not complete yet, but the efforts in the last decade or so have been prolific.

Many women are entering in the arena of entrepreneurship. In order to meet both ends, women are starting business on their own and are very conveniently opting for unconventional sectors even. We felt that there is more that needs to be done for the facilitation and business growth of women entrepreneurs.

Islamabad Women Chamber is organizing Khadija Awards to celebrate, reward and acknowledge the hard work of some of the most successful, entrepreneurial and inspiring business women. These Business Awards allow all sectors and industries to come together for an evening of celebration to recognize the best of home grown talent and the valuable contribution that women make to Pakistans economy. 

We believe that everyone including youth, cooperations, brands, financial institutions and women should be part of the process which leads to change. Diversity and numbers to be the driving force to cause change to prosper Pakistan today for a prosperous Pakistan tomorrow. 

In Khadija Awards nominations are open for women entrepreneurs to participate from all over Pakistan.  Awards for different categories and sectors and women business owners can nominate themselves which they seem the best fit for.

Applications will close on 22nd Feb 2020 and our jury panel will decide the awardees after the thorough analysis of the application forms.

If you know anyone in your circle nominate them and if you are the one please nominates yourself by filling the application link below.

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