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Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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Expo & Exhibitions

Since inspection IWCCI have done Five mega Islamabad expo and various life style exhibitions the purpose of these expos is to provide a market place to home based business and also learning its service learning opportunities for women in business’s. Our aim is to build linkage between rural skilled women and urban entrepreneurs. Under one roof women entrepreneurs get to know about the product quality and pricing of their competitors in the market. IWCCI objective is to promote women in nosiness local national and international market. Internationally we also participate in Exhibitions depending upon our members need.

Through our platform, our members also get opportunity to participate in different national and international expos on very subsidize tariffs.

Islamabad Expo, Wibfest, life style exhibitions are few of the brand activities of IWCCI.

Seminar / Workshop

IWCCI conduct different seminar/workshop for women entrepreneurs to enhance their skills in different categories. IWCCI focus on product development to bring growth in different businesses in Pakistan. IWCCI sessions are focus on digital marketing, digital integration, product development, business planning, financial literacy, marketing, etc.

IWCCI data base also serve as a platform for many other organization who want to reach out to women.

Trade Delegations

IWCCI objective is to promote members businesses nationally and internationally by forming delegations to different countries. We conduct exposer trips to learn and understand international market and the strips also serve as purpose to identify the demand market of the member’s product.  So far we have explored different countries such as Australia, India, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Italy, Turkey Brussels, Hungry, and France.

Our members are successfully dealing in international market. Delegation to different countries also serves as an opportunity to learn different cultures and also developed and friendly linkage between the people of the both countries.

Product Development Hub

IWCCI members expose through delegation to different countries that our local business should know about international market. Product development Hub is a platform to cater the local business into international market design, manufacturing concept, and seasonal wise standard of the product. The Product Development Hub is anticipated to offer a range of services to women led businesses from proposing capability for product and development to manufacturing likely prototypes.

Through regular sessions over a specified period of time, the products of these businesses will be reshaped after widespread session with professionals to cater toward specialized markets all over the world and to maximize their productivity. The Hub may also serve as a training ground for entrepreneurs to polish their precarious intellectual skills and establish a network of mentors for product development across Pakistan.


IWCCI have collaboration with different likeminded organizations, institute, working for the women economic empowerment.

IWCCI Signed MOU with the following in previous years:

  • FINCON ( Canadian consulting firm)


  • First Women Bank

  • Punjab Haryana Delhi Chamber

  • Asian Competitiveness Institute

  • Auxilium Global
  • Oaj-e-KAMAL

  • Turkish Airlines


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