Report on Workshop by Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), Dated: 26th August 2019

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) organized a one day training on “Business Communication Skills” in collaboration with IWCCI and Product Development Hub held at Federation house on 30th July 2019, Tuesday. The basic aim of this workshop was to facilitate women entrepreneurs understand the concepts of communication skills and help them adopt these skills to make their businesses profitable. There were approximately 20-25 people who attended the workshop.
Ms. Samina Fazil, Founder President IWCCI gave a warm welcome note to the trainer and all the participants. All the participants gave a brief introduction of themselves and the sectors they are dealing in the businesses. Ms. Hina Riaz, top industry trainer in multidisciplinary areas focusing more on improved relations at workplace, communication, dynamics, conflict management, leadership development, presentation dynamics, leading change management, problem solving, effective decision making and impression management.

This workshop was proposed for women entrepreneurs to educate them on important of Communication skills in business and to equip the participants with the common traits for behavioral change in business communication. Hina Riaz, the trainer told the participants about Effective Business Communication skills, these Skills add both the sides of a speaker and the listener and both of the person shares the responsibility of making the message clear to one another. Effective communication is far beyond simple hearing and speech.
She also added the skills of presentation, she said that one’s presentation could be divides into 3 main steps. i.e. Introduction, body and conclusion. One’s presentation should be concise, clear and easy to understand. She also gave a brief overview of different types of communication. I.e. Verbal and Nonverbal communication. She told that Verbal communication is a way to communicate wherein the message is transmitted through the spoken words. Here the sender gives words to his feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions and expresses them in the form of speeches, discussions, presentations, and conversations.
Whereas the nonverbal communication is the process of sending and receiving messages without using words, either spoken or written.

To create the training more interactive Ms. Hina used to conduct an activity after every main topic. In which the participants need to perform the particular task told by the trainer.

Ms. Rizwana Asif, President IWCCI. Shared her views about the interactive session, she said that one should improve its listening skills because “Being a good listener is one of the best way to be a good communicator”

The workshop came to an end by question answer session. Ms. Samina Fazil and Ms. Rizwana Asif distributed the certificates to the participants of the workshop as well.