Report on Wibfest Organized by IWCCI: Dated 31st March 2019

Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry organized an event on 31st march 2019. The basic aim of the event was to provide an opportunity to female entrepreneurs, so they may display the products they are skillful in. Islamabad women chamber of commerce and industry always provide a platform to women who are interested in making something different out of their daily routines for their own stability and want to contribute in economic development of the country as well.

As number of women entrepreneurs are running home based businesses so it is very important for women chamber to provide them the marketing platform where these women can display their product and market them. Also these events serves as a learning opportunity for these women entrepreneurs as they participate and learn that what is the demand of their product in the market, what are other people looking for and under one roof they also get to meet these other people dealing in the similar sector business. The quality and the pricing of the product that their competitor is making can also be served as a great source of learning for these women entrepreneurs.

Product Development hub took the opportunity of this platform and got a stall so they could display the products they are dealing in and the services which are provided by the hub to the women entrepreneurs for redesigning and manufacturing of different products according to the international standards.
Ms. Tahira Afridi, technical advisor of Hashoo Foundation visited Product Development Hub’s stall and discussed about the products and services hub is dealing in. She also asked, if the organizations or individuals are approaching the hub for the products. And what are the specific products the hub is dealing in for the people who showed their keen interest in product manufacturing and its export.

There were approximately a footfall of 3,000 people who visited from twin cities. It was a family event with joy able free rides for kids as well. Different types of Stalls were displayed by the women entrepreneurs. Some dealing in garments. Designer wear, jewelry, beauty salon, cosmetics, and food items. People enjoyed having delicious food items from the stalls hosted by female entrepreneurs.

Mr.Usman Dar Chairman of Prime Minister’s Youth Programme was the honorable Chief guest of Wib festival, Mam Samina Fazil the founder president of Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry presented him with bouquet and welcomed him with warm greetings. He appreciated the efforts that Mam Samina is doing for the upbringing of women entrepreneurs.

Events like these also serve as an important platform to build the linkages among the skilled artisans and business women. Also as events like these are open to public so a lot of other women showed interest in getting registered at IWCCI and at product development hub. Events like these also serves as a purpose of motivation to many other women who want to start a business but are afraid to.