Report on USAID SMEA Training on Business Management and Business Marketing. Dated: 11th Oct-2019

A two day training on business management and business marketing was orga
nized by USAID SMEA in collaboration with Product Development Hub.There were 30 Women Entrepreneurs who participated in the training, visited from twin cities. The training was held on 2nd n 3rd of October 2019 at Marriot Hotel Islamabad. The Second slot was held on 8th and 9th of October 2019. The training on business growth and digital marketing was headed by Ms. Meenah Tariq, Consultant at USAID SMEA, Head of Strategy and Accelerator at invest and innovation. Also a business partner in Venture Capital Platform named “Karava”. Supporting startups in business growth.

The training started with brief introduction of the all the participants. They told about how they started, their vehicle for marketing and the challenges faced by them. All the participants keenly listened to the other person’s story of their business. To which Ms. Meenah added that she is amazed of the businesses women entrepreneurs are dealing in.
The next activity name ‘who are you?” took place, in which the participants were paired with each other. They took 5 minutes each and had to describe their partner without telling their occupation or the business they were dealing in.

After the brief introduction and the activity Ms. Meenah started the presentation by introducing the “Customer Segment” She said that the products the women entrepreneurs are dealing in, has no more exclusivity or innovativeness. We all are working on the same products line with different sector but knowing more and more about the customer segment and the target market one can achieve their sales and business growth.

She also discussed about Competitive Pricing. She added one should also be much clear of the competitor in the same market. For Example. One of the participant Ms. Hafsa moeen has been dealing in Natural Spices. She takes “Shan Spices” as her competitor. But being realistic. Shan is not the competitor for Natural Spices as they are not producing any natural spices. To which she also added that most of the time we devalue our products in the market and we need to change our approach that if our product has a good quality line we should be considering that.

Later Ms Tabeer Athar, Specialist Competitiveness Enhancement USAID SMEA gave a brief introduction of herself. She basically share the whole information related to the application for Grant funds offered by USAID SMEA, in which grants are available to Women Led Businesses, ICT, Hospitality, logistics, Textiles, Agri-businesses and processing and Light Engineering.

Ms. Meenah Tariq later gave a detailed presentation on Marketing. She started the topic by asking the participants about the displays they have for their products. She also linked it all to the social media. As in today’s world social media is the key point for the one business marketing and growth. She told the importance of Facebook identity and Instagram. She aslo gave a small demo on how to use a simple designing website named ‘canva’ for designing their content for the social media without taking help from any designer. She also discussed a lot more about using instagram hashtags and stories in attracting more and more followers for business growth.