Report on Training on Accounting and Book Keeping, Dated: 22nd Nov 2019

Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Product Development Hub in collaboration with Community Research & Development Organization Peshawar organized a one day training session on Accounting and Book Keeping, There were Approximately 30 participants belonging from different backgrounds of businesses and startups as well.
The program is being offered by SMEDA under National Business Development Program for SMEs (NBDP) to extend Non-financial Advisory Support to Small and Medium Businesses.

The Training begin with a brief introduction of the trainer, Mr.Kashif Maqbool Sehgal. He has been a part of other trainings as well. Related to Business Management in Accounts and Finances. The participants also gave a brief introduction of themselves and the businesses they are dealing in.

The basic aim of the training was to equip participants with emerging concepts, proven skills and knowledge on accounting and book keeping that will help to grow SME’s to establish and strength their organization systems to achieve future profitable growth.

All the participants showed keen interest all over the session. Different questions were asked related to session. Kashif also shared different motivational stories clearing the concept of Law of Attraction. i.e. the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s
The Session ended up with a Thankyou Note by Ms Farida Rashid. President Islamabad women Chamber of Commerce and Industry. To which Ms. Gul Rukh added a few lines of Product Development Hub Services and facilitation offered to women Entrepreneurs related to product identification, redesigning and value addition. She also asked the participants to qualify their products to introduce their products from local market to international market.