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Samina Fazil


s the Founder President of Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) I extend my warmest welcome to you.

In the past 17 years, IWCCI has built up a fund of knowledge, experience and has accumulated a number of benefits for its members. Being founder President, my goal is to encourage continuing growth and awareness of IWCCI.

I started of my journey in 1989. I use to supply readymade garments in market. I opened up my own outlet of readymade garments in 1990. I was the first woman in twin cities to open up an outlet in the market that was male dominated. I encountered many problems, at that time there was hardly any help available so I decided to work harder to form an exclusive chamber for Women. At that time, there was no law to establish a separate women chamber. I personally advocated the government of Pakistan to allow the establishment of separate chambers for Business women in Pakistan.

We Started working in 2000 and got license in 2009, Started with 5 members and now we cater more than 350 women entrepreneurs of twin cities, I have tried my level best for establishing this chamber and enabling environment where women can come without any hesitation and take membership, we have helped them to establish their business and further marketed their products in local, national and international markets. Our chamber acts as an institution where women entrepreneurs no matter how small or big their businesses are, gather and share their experiences and failures and also the secrets that how they converted their failures in to success.

For reaching anywhere in life one must be dedicated and visionary enough. I always feel that there is lack of coordination among the women entrepreneurs and at the same very time I see a lot of potential among the businesses ran by women. The women entrepreneurs in Pakistan could play a vital role for development of the country, if they are provided equal opportunities and resources like the women from developed world. Stronger cooperation between the businesswomen in the country is compulsory to increase their trade, and avail the equal opportunities and resources to cope with hunger and poverty in the country.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Coming Together is a Beginning…Keeping Together is Progress…Working Together is Success

Farida Rashid
Farida RashidPresident - Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerece & Industry
Farida Rashid has been elected president of the Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IWCCI) for the year 2019-2020.
Afsheen Zeeshan
Afsheen ZeeshanSenior Vice President- Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry
As Senior Vice President, I would like to convey that women’s economic empowerment is one of the world’s most promising areas of investment, biggest emerging markets, talent pools and demographic dividends to be tapped.
From the prestigious forum of IWCCI, when we speak of women’s economic empowerment we refer to women’s economic rights including equal access to, ownership of and control over land, property, productive assets and resources including finance and capacity building and access on an equal basis as men to decent work and full and productive employment; their economic independence or full ability to freely assert their autonomy and exercise their choices; and their full access to decision making in all economic decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their families, communities and societies.
These three aspects of empowerment are recognized and promoted as an integrated whole at IWCCI because we all know that if one aspect fails, the full empowerment cannot be realized and the whole sustainable development future is jeopardized. Our business community is ready to facilitate the government, in every possible way, to support the development of policies and partnerships to empower women across the country
Shahida Mazhar
Shahida MazharVice President- Islamabad WOmen Chamber of Commerce & Industry
In a globalizing world, gender equality and empowerment of women are vital tools to achieve the sustainable development therefore It’s very important to bring women into mainstream so that they can play its due role in the development of country. It is worth recalling that enhancing the participation of women in mainstream development would mean providing greater opportunities and accessibility for them to make decisions, to mange their own resources and to be self reliant.
At IWCCI, we firmly believe that there can be no sustainable development if the tangible and intangible barriers which hold back half the population are not addressed.

Women are powerful agents of change – and empowering women benefits whole societies. We look forward to working with all stakeholders on this important agenda as we know that for our success,, multi-sectoral collaboration is essential with concerted efforts needed by policymakers, financial institutions, the private sector and the women entrepreneurs’ networks.

Executive Body

Ms. Rizwana Asif
Ms. Rizwana AsifFormer President
Ms. Ammara Ibrar
Ms. Ammara IbrarExecutive Member
CEO-Future Zone Associates
Ms. Nasreen Gul
Ms. Nasreen GulExecutive Member
CEO-Ayza collection
Ms. Fahmida Naz
Ms. Fahmida NazExecutive Member
CEO- Make A Tour
Ms. Shamaila Naz
Ms. Shamaila NazExecutive Member
CEO- Zarwa Technologies
Ms. Rozina
Ms. RozinaExecutive Member
CEO- Style Savant Jewerly
Ms. Rizwana Atif
Ms. Rizwana AtifExecutive Member
CEO- Hamayel’s Robe
Ms. Saira Alam
Ms. Saira AlamExecutive Member
Ms. Sobia Jamil
Ms. Sobia JamilExecutive Member
CEO-SJ Traders


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